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DANBACK™ is a trademark of Daniel W. Tollenaar
US Patent Number 6,705,056



As you know, installing wood backing or blocking on metal studs is time-consuming, knuckle-busting work. DANBACK™ is a new 3/4" plywood backing system for 20 to 25 guage steel studs,and has perfected the process of drywall/metal stud back installation is fast, one person can easily install 8 feet in one minute and better than the old Time-consuming knuckle-busting way, all carpenters find irritating.

When you look at the big picture:

Steel backing does not compare to DANBACK™

Do not fool yourself, using screws on trim instead of nailing, spinning screws out, cabinets falling off walls, handrails pulling out and callbacks from metal backing not bridging the weight to the stud, these things do not


Latest News:

Dan Tollenaar, Danback Inventor, receives 2007 Iowa Inventor of the Year award.

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